Interior Design with Bathroom Furniture and Bathroom Ceramics from Duravit

Every bathroom will have its own charm since the way they are laid out and personal preferences call for individual solutions. That is why Duravit, with our bathroom furniture and bathroom ceramics series, offers a wide range of individual furnishing options – so everyone can make their individual furnishing style a reality. Let yourself be inspired by this glimpse into our product range and find the right products for your project:

Washing area

Duravit offers an extensive selection of bathroom furniture as well as a wide range of sinks and vanities with different installation options. Whether as an individually mounted sink or as an entire vanity unit with a cabinet underneath - this is where you will find the version that meets your needs.


The concept of a high-quality bathroom line with bathroom furniture and bathroom ceramics is rounded off with our elegant showers. A floor-level shower or a shower combination from our Shower + Bath series promises maximum comfort. Duravit helps you transform your bathroom into a place that fulfills your personal ideal of functionality, comfort and convenience.


A toilet contributes a lot to shaping the look of the bathroom. The toilet, urinal and bidet can work together to form a harmonious unit. As an alternative to a bidet, you can opt for a space-saving shower toilet, which highlights comfort and convenience.


In order to ensure that your new bathtub fits perfectly into the design concept of your dream bathroom, Duravit has a wide range of different models available. Let yourself be inspired by our exclusive, high-quality designs!


Faucets complement your bathroom ceramics and harmonize perfectly with Duravit bathroom designs. The sophisticated technology ensures optimal adjustment of the water jet and maximum comfort. No matter which design you choose – at Duravit you will find the right faucet for your vanity sink or bidet and handheld and overhead shower heads for your shower or bath!


Once your bathroom is equipped with new bathroom ceramics and bathroom furniture, it's time for the finishing touches. In addition to attachments and control devices, accessories such as towel racks and toilet accessories make up our Duravit range - these products help take your bathroom design to the next level.